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Dottie Rambo\'s new CD, Sheltered, to be released on Daywind Records soon.Story by Brad Schmitt, News Channel 2, http://www.MusicCityTV.com; Used with permission.

Gospel great Dottie Rambo, 74, died in a bus crash near Springfield, Mo., early Sunday morning, according to a Missouri State Highway Patrol report.

The bus driver, Ronnie Meadows, is in serious condition and Ms. Rambo’s manager, Larry Ferguson, and his wife and his two children, are also hospitalized in Springfield, Mo., the report says.

Chris Barnes, 22, Ms. Rambo’s Web master and Mr. Ferguson’s assistant, was in serious condition.

Few details were available, but there were reports that overnight storms and high winds caused the 1997 Prevost bus to crash into a guard rail and an embankment around 2:20 a.m. on I-44, two miles east of Mt. Vernon, Mo.

Ms. Rambo was reportedly traveling from Springfield, Mo., to Texas when the crash occured. Ms. Rambo was a prolific writer and singer whose hits include We Shall Behold Him, Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome (In The Place), I Go To The Rock, and Sheltered In The Arms Of God.

Elvis Presley, Barbara Mandrell, Carol Channing, Whitney Houston and Dolly Parton are among those who have recorded Ms. Rambo’s songs.

As a young girl, Ms. Rambo fell in love with country music while listening to the Grand Ole Opry in her Morganfield, Ky., home. She started writing songs at ate 8, and by age 10, Ms. Rambo was singing covers of country songs on a local radio station.

By age 12, she became a born-again Christian, a decision her dad abhorred. He ended up kicking her out of the house, and Ms. Rambo started her Christian career.

Ms. Rambo met Buck Rambo at age 16 and they married soon after, forming a gospel trio that would launch a 50+ years career in Christian music.

Barbara Mandrell inducted Ms. Rambo into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame late last year, only the 10th woman to enter the hall.

Ms. Rambo was slated to release a new album, Sheltered, in the summer. The album was to include a duet with the late Porter Wagoner, Sheltered in the Arms of God, and Dottie was set to dedicate her album to Mr. Wagoner.



1. Libbi Perry Stuffle - May 12, 2008

The first time I ever heard Dottie Rambo sing, I was stunned that a woman could sing so low and beautiful at the same time. What a singer she was. Not only was she a great singer, but a beautiful LADY! She carried so much elegance and charm, even up til her going HOME time! What an impact that she along with Vestal Goodman made on a little girl’s life, just by being what and who they should be…..TRUE LADIES of Christ! A pattern for every female to go by.
Her songwriting was tops!! She painted a picture with words, and if you closed your eyes you would find yourself standing right in the middle of the song seeing what she was singing.
Dottie, thanks for being a pattern for all to follow!! I love you and will miss that sweet precious face, but not for long!!!
Until Then….
Libbi Perry Stuffle
The Perrys

2. GGMom1 - May 12, 2008

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the family, friends, and fans who loved every song written and sung.

Until we meet again.

Washington State Fan

3. Eric Brownfield - May 12, 2008

My heart sank when I first read the news about Ms.Dottie yesterday afternoon. To me, and to many who cherished, not only the songs she penned – but the gift of God she was, she will be sadly missed. Were someone to ask me to catagorize her songwriting ability, I would not hesitate to say she was far more than a writer of songs — Dottie Rambo was a Psalmist. She wrote, to minister to millions of hearts, God’s love to each and every one. Yes indeed – Ms. Dottie will be missed.

4. Lois Martin - May 12, 2008

My mom and I loved the Rambos and saw them when we were younger and when the three of them were still together. Dottie will be dearly missed and our Prayers go out to all of them.

5. Diana Turner - May 12, 2008

i first meet Dottie at the Steve Hurst school of music.I had been in love with her music and thought she was a very special lady .I know she will be missed for her wonderful spirt and gift of music .We have lost a special lady but ,but now she is resting in His arms. We will miss you dottie

6. David Smith - May 12, 2008

I’m overwhelmed with sadness to learn of the passing of this awesome legend! I’ve sang gospel music my entire life in many groups and performed hundreds of her great songs over two decades. She will be missed greatly, and there will no songwriter to ever accomplish what Dottie Rambo has. She is truly earth’s loss and heaven’s gain!

D Smith
N. Carolina

7. Glenda Darsey - May 12, 2008

Dottie is going to really be missed! I sing a lot of her songs at church.
She has been an inspiration to me thru the years! My heat goes out to all the family of Dottie Rambo.

8. Mike Clark (Mike in the Morning) - May 12, 2008

I”m very sad, but I rejoice that Dottie is with her Lord. What a legend, and she will be missed here on earth.


9. Jeff fehrenbacher - May 12, 2008

What a Gift From God …
What a Blessing to us still here …

10. BARBARAash/mansfield,ohio - May 12, 2008


11. Daniel J. Mount - May 12, 2008

My prayers are with her family and with the survivors of the crash.

12. Sheila Schmidt - May 12, 2008

As I sat reading the article and thinking of what a reception heaven must be having today I began siging… “Holy Spirit thou art welcome in this place” as tears ran down my face. She will be greatly missed here but how heaven must be rejoicing. Dottie touched my life and soul and I am so thankful she was born. I will sing her songs for eternity.

13. Tracy J. Thompson - May 12, 2008

Dottie was a rare gem in the Gospel Music World. She will be missed
by many. She was a gifted songwriter and we are so blessed to have her many, many songs to remember her by. I pray for Reba
and her family and Dottie’s road crew. Dottie’s now…. Teaching
Angels how to sing!

14. Darrell Swanger - May 12, 2008

Since hearing the news, of Dottie’s passing, I have been thinking back over the years, of all the times I’ve heard the Rambos in concert. People like Dottie Rambo, are the reason I have such a love for “Southern Gospel” music. She was a Gospel “Legend” but more importantly, I believe she was a “Woman after God’s own heart”. She will be greatly missed.

15. Kitty Richards - May 12, 2008

To Reba & family & all of us who loved “Miss Dottie” our parting is oly temporary. We can keep her legacy alive by keeping her music alive. I consider it a privilege allowed by God that we got to see “Miss Dolly” in Michigan just a few weks ago & little did I know when she signed my & others purchases & we all got our pictures taken with her that she would be in Jesus presence on Mother’s Day. God is in control and knows best. Thank you Libbie For you wonderful words of comfort to us who are in shock & hurting at OUR loss! Dottie & Vestal must be enjoying a reunion…. Praying for Larry, Ronnie & Chris also

16. Maynard - May 12, 2008

I am at a loss for words. While I never had the chance to see Dottie perform, I have been blessed by many of her songs. My prayers go out to her family at this time for their loss. The Lord blessed us with His creation of Dottie and now she is rewarded for her service to the Lord.She is in pretty good company now.
As a bus driver, myself, I ask that you remember Ronnie in your prayers. We are a proud bunch and constantly try to improve. Sometimes we are especially critical of ourselves and seek to improve our skills. Pray that the Lord will give Ronnie peace within his heart. I know this is an unsual request at a time like this, but I have been there and done that as a driver when things beyond our control have gone wrong and constantly think what I could have done differently. I ask the Lord to give peace and healing.

17. Teresa Bynum - May 12, 2008

I was shocked and saddened as I listened to JOY FM (in NC) this morning and heard the news of Dottie’s passing. What a talent she had! Her music impacted so many lives. I sing many of her songs and will sing them as long as I am able. She will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. God bless you.

18. Derrick Atwell - May 12, 2008

Gospel Music has suffered a great loss with this tragedy. Those who knew Dottie can consider themselves very blessed. Dottie is with our Lord Jesus now where she will sing for eternity with the Angels and other Saints, and we should count that as a blessing to us all to know that she is in Paradise.. Dottie you will be missed, but oneday soon we will all be there with you!!

19. Bryan K. Fowler of The Rock! and NQC Radio - May 12, 2008

While we now have a void in the Gospel Music Community, we should thank God for the Inspiration and gift HE give us with Dottie Rambo.

She will always have a special place in our hearts.

Larry, we count it a priviledge to be your friend and pray God’s will in your life and are praying for you.

20. Rodney Bledsoe/ The Bledsoes - May 12, 2008

When I first heard the news I was saddened because of our loss, but in the same thought, I was so happy for Dottie, for I know she is beholding the One she has sang and written about for almost her whole life. My family and I had the opportunity to meet and sing with Dottie Rambo last year. What a special sweet lady she was. We talked quite a bit back stage and I was with her the whole time she was talking and meeting people. Her anointing and the Spirit of God that was on her was so overwhelming. She had the kind of anointing that God places, when one of His younguns has sold out to Him. I believe Dottie was truly sold out to Him!! I wished that she and I would have became friends a lot sooner. She has made it to the place of rest, the place we all are striving for. Until I see you again,
Rodney Bledsoe
The Bledsoes

21. Clayton Mehearg - May 12, 2008

Today is a sad day for all who knew Ms. Dottie Rambo and for those who loved and were blessed by her music, yet it is also a happy day for her as she is the with the one she sung about for so many years. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting her, I felt like I did through her music. She was truly used of God for so many years and blessed so many people. As a Christian, I know I will meet her one day in Heaven. My prayers are with her family and the others involved in the accident.
Clayton Mehearg

22. Brenda Gray - May 12, 2008

My thoughts and prayers go out to Dottie’s family and those who were also on the bus.
May you find comfort in knowing God is with you now and the days ahead.
Thank you Dottie for the gift you shared with us through your music. Now you can be apart of the great heavenly choir.
God Bless.

23. Jim Wood - May 12, 2008

I saw Dottie for the first time in Jacksonville, TX just over two weeks ago. I had the date circled for weeks. When the date approached, it looked as though I wouldn’t get to make it. An employee of mine who was scheduled to work that night initially was not going to be able to work. At the last minute, she indicated she could work, that she felt it was important that I go to the concert. When I told her that I had decided not to go anyway, she insisted I do. When I arrived in Jacksonville, I took a wrong turn and ended up several miles in the wrong direction. The show was scheduled to begin at 7PM, and at 7:30, I was still lost. I finally got directions and walked in at 7:45. I got to hear maybe four songs, but that was OK. There was something surreal about the whole experience. I met Larry, Chris, and Ronnie that evening, and they were all three very courteous, and exemplary representatives of Dottie’s ministry. I cannot describe the feeling I had that night, it was something I had never felt before. I assumed it was because I was in the presence of such a Godly woman. When I heard this heartbreaking news, I knew that I had been given a very special blessing-God had gotten me to this concert despite many hurdles designed to keep me away. I got to meet one of my favorite people just before she went home. I don’t know that I deserve that, but I’m so thankful. In a way, meeting all of these wonderful people just days ago makes this harder to bear, because they all have a way of making you feel like family. My prayers are continual for Larry, Chris, and Ronnie to make a full recovery, and for Dottie’s daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. One final thought-at the end of her show, Dottie asked the congregation, “Do you love me as much as you say you do?” There was something very touching about the way she said it, as if she needed to hear it. I sat there thinking, “If you only knew.” Yes ma’am, we do, and we always will.

24. Tina - May 12, 2008

My prayers are with Dottie’s family. I was devastated by the news, but my spirit is dancing because she’s is in the presence of the Saviour!! Her songs have meant so much to so many – can’t you just hear Him saying: “Well done, good and faithful servant!!”

25. Ivalou Womack - May 12, 2008

From a Fan:
I don’t think it has fully sank in yet that Dottie is “gone home”. I have followed her ministry since the day she started. I collected all the Rambo records and recently purchased the 20 CD special. My voice range was like hers so I sing alot of her songs. I remember when they came to Grove, OK. I am nearsighted and always took binoculars so I could “see everything”. She told me from the stage, “Honey, please don’t tell everyone about how many wrinkles I have.” That was her humor!! My sincere sympathy to Reba and the families involved. Our prayers go out to all of you

26. donna l barreto - May 12, 2008

I have been a Dottie fan for 40 years ! She is singing with the angels and I will never forget so many of her songs one tho comes to mind I ‘m gonna leave here shouting when my time comes to go.If i too feeble to lifht my hands …..I have no doubt she is shouting up in heaven and Jesus will embrace her in His arms of love!But how she will be missed on earth.Right now if you don’t know the Lord she would shout from heaven to hear you received Him as your personal saviour!!!My prayers are with her beloved daughter and all the families involved!

27. Laurie McNeese - May 12, 2008

I was blessed to first meet Dottie when I was ten years old, and I’m now almost 43…I met her again several times over the years. She has been the most influential role model in my life and although I wept upon reading of her loss, before long I could just hear her singing “I’m gonna leave here shoutin”…and I could just imagine her shouting with joy and relief when she awakened to “Behold Him” in that place where “Tears will Never Stain the Streets”…so many of her songs were of heaven! My prayers are with Reba and family, and all the other families affected.

28. Carol - May 12, 2008

When Dottie sang, you knew she was annointed.
She sang every word with so much feeling. She will be missed greatly.

29. Ann Templet - May 12, 2008

Thank you, Dottie, for allowing the Lord to work through you all these years to reach so many. I am certain there are many in Heaven who will now have the chance to say Thank You. Few women will ever achieve what you did in the Industry. Oh to have songwriters with such heart, such passion, such conviction today. A beautiful legacy indeed.

30. rob hull - May 12, 2008

My wife and I took our mothers to see Dottie in what would be her last concert in Granite City IL, Sat May 10 08. It was a shock to hear of her death hours after we seen her.

31. kenneth - May 12, 2008

it is so sad to here of the passing of this dear person i never had the chabce fo meet miss rambo but she was such a kind and liveing person the music world has lost a true frind but we cant be sad for here for she is now home with here lord waking on the streets if gold

32. Bobby Lowery - May 12, 2008

Dottie Rambo & the minstry of the Rambos has proven to be a defining influence in my life. When my teen-aged buddies were influenced by music with a negative message, Dottie Rambo’s music pointed me to Christ. I would spend my last bit of money on the latest Rambo record (or 8 track!). Now, as a 45 year old husband & father, Dottie’s music remains timeless with the positive,uplifting message of Christ. I pray for Reba, Donnie & all of Dottie’s family and friends as they and the world adjusts to a life without the physical presence of this precious sister. While I did not “really” know Dottie personally, her homegoing feels very personal; I’m sure this is a common experience because of the manner in which Dottie so seflessly shared herself through her music and ministry. I know that one day, I will have the opportunity to worship our Lord & Saviour along with my sister, Dottie Rambo. Until then or Until He comes, I am forever grateful for the time that God shared Dottie Rambo with the world.

33. CINDY MILLER - May 12, 2008


34. Susan Tauriainen-Houser, Anchorage, Alaska - May 12, 2008

I often watched Miss Dottie on late night Christian t.v. here in Anchorage, Alaska when I was unable to sleep due to stress and things going on in my life. She always had such a sweet spirit about her and a joy that shined through. I thank the Lord for blessing the world with her life. I know Mother’s Day isn’t the best day for such an accident to occur, but my thoughts are…WHAT A SURPISE SHE WAS CROSSING OVER TO THAT SHORE AND HER MAMA SEEING HER COMING HOME!!! I look forward to the day when I can see my mother and dad some day again too! PRAISE GOD FOR THE HOPE WE HAVE IN JESUS!!! My prayers are with Miss Dottie’s family during this time…

35. Don Lawder - May 12, 2008

I was totally shocked to see our beloved Dottie Rambo was so tragically taken away from us. I have followed her music for quite a few years now. I will never forget the first time I saw Dottie at Tri-County Assembly Of God in Fairfield Ohio. She sang We Shall Behold Him, and I was so taken with the TRUE and Genuine way in which she sang the song, and so many others. I love her music, I pay for XM Radio, yet I have CD after CD of hers in my CD disc changer, because her music always blesses me so much. I will continue to pray for the Rambo family and all of the members of her crew who who injured on that fateful night. These are the times that bring us even closer to God. While we hurt for the loss, we do rejoice in knowing she is Sheltered In The Arms Of God.

36. Wes Williamson - May 13, 2008

I got to see Dottie last year at Dollywood. She was indeed a legend in gospel music. Her influence will live on for many years as many quartets and soloist peform her over 2,500 penned songs. The best time that I really had was when my friend, Bill Kinney, went toward the stage at Renfro Valley, KY to take a picture. She was about to sing, but stopped for just a moment to kid with him. I will never forget that night.He and I talk about it several times, and we were devastated at the news of her passing. DOTTIE, you are now seeing him Face to Face in all of his glory. I pray for your family and the other members of your traveling crew. YOU will indeed be missed, but you will never know the impact that you gave this world. My favorite song that I sang of yours was “I’ve Never Been This HomeSick Before” YOU are now at home.

37. J.R. Hayes - May 13, 2008

I feel sadened by such a great loss to the gospel music community. Yet at the same time I feel the joy of knowing that God has called one of His children home to be with Him. I praise the Lord for all the work He has done through this woman of God.

38. C Wilber - May 13, 2008

My thoughts and prayers are with Reba and her family in this time of
sorrow. Just think, Dottie is now Sheltered in the Arms of God, and she has no FEAR. The last time that I was pleasured to see and hear
Dottie was at the Crabb Feast in Ky and my daughter was able to help her, to the ladies room and I told her she had helped a Legend in Gospel music. I was 12 years old, when I first seen the Rambos in Jacksonville, Fl. They were awesome.
She will be greatly missed, but she will live on in her music that she gave to us, to help us along the way, until we are safe in the arms of God.

39. DELORSE THOMPSON - May 13, 2008


40. Lawrence Ayers - May 13, 2008

What a loss for all of us! Dottie was a true child of God!
I bet she and Vestal are singing with all the great ones that have gone on before!
Dottie is now Sheltered in the Arms of God!
Rest in peace sweet lady.

41. Pat Anderson - May 13, 2008

My heart is saddened by the world’s loss of Dottie Rambo. I’ve loved her music since I was a young teenager and I’m now 60 years old. What a great blessing her life has been to many others. I’m so thankful her back is healed and she’s in the presence of the ONE she loved so much. Prayers are going up for the others that were injured and for all the families involved. Reba, Donnie and family – keep on singing loudly because she’ll hear you.

42. Heidi (Holcomb) Hislope - May 13, 2008

My heart is breaking tonight, but only for myself as well as Dottie’s family and many, many friends. For Miss Dottie, I am rejoicing. She is in the arms of her Saviour, where she will have no more pain.
I had the great privilege of living next door to Dottie some 19 yrs ago in Nashville. I was young, pregnant, and scared to death for the health of my unborn child. I had (very shortly before the accidental pregnancy) taken some medication for a lifelong health condition that is known to be very harmful to a fetus. Dottie and I talked often about my fears, and one day she called me and said “Heidi, come on over here now.”, and hung up. Afraid that something was wrong with her, I ran over as fast as i could. When I found her sitting calmly in her chair, she said “Honey, come sit down here beside me. God has told me to pray for you and your baby.” She laid her hand over my baby, and said the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard, asking God to calm my fears and heal my child. As she prayed, I physically felt something inside me change, and at that moment, whatever was wrong with my son was healed. He just turned 18 years old, is perfectly healthy, and I will always believe that God used Miss Dottie to save my son’s life.
Thank you, Dottie. None of us could have a better guardian angel than you. This world is a lesser place now, and you will be missed.

43. Juanita - May 13, 2008

I remember the first time I saw Dottie, Buck and Reba singing at a church in Hamilton, Ohio. My sisters and I enjoyed their music and were able to sing a lot of Dottie’s songs in the time we sang as a trio.

I recently saw Dottie at our church and thought of a song she sang that night when I heard of her homegoing. It was ” I’m Gonna Leave Here Shoutin’. Dottie has joined many other greats in the Heavenly Choir – what a sound that must be!

44. John Love, Saved By Grace - May 13, 2008

My condolences to Ms.Dottie Rambo’s family and friends. We have lost a wonderful Christian lady that has been a great inspiration to me since I was just a child. I remember her comng to our church, Walnut Grove First Pentecostal church in Dawson Springs, Kentucky; I played drums for her to sing, she never looked down on anybody or thought she was better than even a young boy like me…she even thought enough to get me a set of drum sticks from Larry London, the drummer she recorded with and Elvis did also. I still have those drum sticks today, some 27 years later. We will miss her. God called her to the music ministry; she wrote many, many great gospel songs that I and others are singing today. And now He has called her home.

45. Mary Jane Brown - May 13, 2008

Dottie has finally seen the reality of I Shall Behold Him. This is in tribute to a fine Christain lady, and I know she is safe forevermore.
God bless to her family and staff.
Love in Christ

46. Paul W. Cundiff - 5-12-08 - May 13, 2008

I was more than shocked when I got the news of Dottie’s death. She was an inspiration to all that knew her, she was always in my prayers. I know that she now is writing songs for the great Angelic Choir most likly on any little piece of whatever she can get to write on. I treasure her music and praise God that I was able to meet her. She was such a sweetheart. I also know that she is in no pain and won’t have to worry about anymore surgerys, but I will miss her sorley. She has now joined the Great Gospel Singers that have gone before her. I pray for the others that were hurt in the accident and her wonderful family. We will meet again Dottie.

47. Janet Campbell - May 13, 2008

I am saddened by such a great loss to earth but rejoicing there is in heaven. Can’t you just hear Vestel and Ronnie Hinson and so many more singing with Sister Rambo and the angels. What a Halleujiah time they are having.I grew up on Dottie Rambo’s annointed singing and she is truly Sheltered in the Arms of our Almighty God tonite. My depest smypathy goes out to the family and staff of Dottie Rambo and so many who will miss you and your sweet spirit will ive on in the hearts of many lives that you have touched.
Janet Campbell-Morganton,NC May 12,2008

48. Ron and Pat Spruell - May 13, 2008

She was instrumental in leading many people to the Lord. She was truly as vessal of the lord. The songs of praise she wrote helped many a person to express their love of the Lord Jesus. We have lost a truly wonderful person but she will live on through her music and many souls will still be lead to the Lord and her praise songs will live forever.

49. Tom Dean - May 13, 2008

May God bless Dottie’s family – our own father was killed in a car accident two years ago and my brother, sister and myself sang “Sheltered in the Arms of God” – one of my favorite Dottie Rambo songs – at his funeral. Now Dottie is “safe in the arms of God” – may God wrap His loving arms around family and friends as you say farewell to Dottie, a great Christ-follower.

50. connie - May 13, 2008

Dottie is now with her Lord. Over and over again, her songs have brought hope and healing to us. As we faced difficult times, God would remind us of these songs, in the daytime, in the night time,
he would lift us up. He gave Dottie his beautiful songs for us, for the world, because of his great love for us.
We will remember you Dottie, the mighty handmaiden of the Lord, his heavenly songbird.
May the Lord’s peace and strength be with all family members.
May the Lord give total healing and restoration to all those that were in the accident.

51. Kay Maletta, Yakima Washington - May 13, 2008

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dottie’s family in this sudden loss. Her songwriing will live on with her memory always & she must be so happy to be in the presence of her Lord & Savior. God Bless.

52. Greg Ogden - May 13, 2008

Our hearts go out to the family of Dottie Rambo, a dear sweet saint of God. Her songs always ministered to me and I’ve been singing her music in solo and trio work for years.

I love contemporary music. However, having grown up with Dottie Rambo music, I can say there are many younger people who will, sadly, never know and appreciate Dottie’s contribution to gospel music.

I guess God was in need of a new song writer in heaven, so he came down and got the best.

We love you Dottie, we always will.

53. Marshall Luna Krebs, Ok. - May 13, 2008

My heart has felt empty today as I feel the loss of this wonderful soldier of the cross. My flesh cries out why? But my spirit knows God does not make mistakes. Miss Dottie always spoke so lovingly of her mother and to think she was with her again this Mother’s Day. There will never be another Dottie and I am blessed by the priviledge that has been mine to have grown up on her music. May her family, her staff, and all her friends find divine comfort in this time of sadness.

54. Carole - May 13, 2008

I just heard the news earlier this evening about the tragic accident that took Dottie’s life. Dottie was a one of a kind person and truly beautiful, inside and out. I only had the opportunity to meet her once a few years ago, but I will always remember that day. About 15 minutes into the concert, she stopped right in the middle of what she was saying to point out a gentleman who had entered late, and said “So glad you could join us”. She had a way of making you feel that you were just a guest sitting with her in the comfort of her own living room. She could have you in tears one second, and laughing the next. Dottie was a true gift from God and will be missed. The angels in Heaven are surely rejoicing! I can picture her looking up radiantly at the face of God! What a sight to behold. You will be missed but never forgotten!

Our prayers are with those who were injured and for the families of all those involved. God bless you all.

55. Robert Bentley - May 13, 2008

I was raised up with christian grandparents and we always found joy and inspiration listening to Dottie. As an adult I lost my Mother last October. The day that she died I was bringing her home from the hospital. I always listen to good gospel music while driving. My mother sat on the passenger side and sang just as sweetly as when she was younger. Sheltered in the arms of God with Dottie. That evening God called my mother to her rest. It brings me great joy to know with all of my heart that my mother was able to connect as her life slipped away. I pray that Dotties family finds the same pleasure in knowing that although we would love to keep her here. She herself is Sheltered in her loving Gods arms. God bless you and keep you. My deepest sympathies and my greatest hope that you will find comfort in our Lords word and Love.

56. Jackie Cox - May 13, 2008

What a loss to this world, a Great Woman of God, but apparently God needed her to help HIM finish up the last songs for the homecoming of all HIS Children. She’s probably writing the music, that Gabriel will play when the great trumpet sounds. Had the bible been written today, the psalms that we read, would have another book attached, and would be the psalms according to Dottie. What a legacey she leaves behind, and the words from GOD HIMSELF, breathed across the pages of all of her great lyrics! She is HOME!!!! 🙂

57. Kenny Nelson - May 13, 2008

I want to extend my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Dottie.
Countless precious souls have been forever touched and changed by the beautiful words and music of Dottie Rambo. The Holy Spirit really filled Dottie, and allowed her to reach millions around the world!

As Christians, we now know where Dottie is.. She’s in the loving arms of her heavenly Father-Jesus Christ. For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever shall believe in Him, shall not perish, but will have everlasting life. John 3:16.

In Christ Jesus,
Kenny Nelson
Cottage Grove, Mn.

58. Leon Fowler - May 13, 2008

I first heard the Rambo’s at the National Quartet Convention in Memphis, Tn. in 1971 I believe it was. I was a Kentucky boy going to school in the “big” city and gospel music had always been in my blood. When I heard Dottie sing for the first time it touched the core of my being…the words were a direct message to me from my Lord and Savior. She had such a terrific voice and to top it all she came out on stage with her shoes off! How Kentucky is that!! Heaven is now so much sweeter because Dottie is up there singing her little heart out.

59. Lori - May 13, 2008

The first time I seen Dottie Rambo, I was a teenager. It was at a Women’s Breakfast in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in the 80’s that Dottie Rambo shared her testimony through speaking and music. Little did I know, I had rough waters ahead in my life. By recalling her testimony that I heard and listening to the album I had purchased, Dottie’s obedience to the call of God on her life impacted my life and I made it through. If I was impacted, Dottie has touched countless lives by sharing the word of God through her music and life. Dottie is in a better place, but she will be greatly missed. Our prayers go out the all the loved ones. But remember, Dottie has now met “The Perfect Rose”!

60. Kevin Livingston - May 13, 2008

Dottie Rambo’s music will continue to change lives forever, and lead people to Christ. That is what she was about anyway. The Bible says that “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” That verse proves to be true in Dottie’s God-inspired songwriting.

61. Carol Adams - May 13, 2008

She helped form my life by her music. My sister and I learned to sing harmony by listening to her and Reba on the many albums our mother bought of The Singing Rambos. I feel as though I’ve lost a relative. Surely heaven is rejoicing, but, my heart aches to know we can now only hear her beautiful, anointed voice on recordings. My heartfelt prayers are with the family.

62. Pam Brandenburg - May 13, 2008

Although I never met Dottie Rambo or heard her sing “live”, I (like so many others who have written here) have been influenced by her music since childhood. The world has lost a great singer, songwriter, and tremendous witness for God, however, I know she is rejoicing because she has now beheld her beloved Savior “face to face”. What an inspiration she was and will continue to be for those of us left to wait our turn to go home. My prayers go out to Reba and the rest of the family. May God wrap His loving arms around you guys and give you comfort as only He can. My prayers also go out to the rest of the people who were injured in the accident. May God lift you up and give you healing.

63. Jeff W. Smith - May 13, 2008

My favorite Dottie Rambo song, and maybe my all time favorite is “If that Isn’t Love”. The song is so descriptive of the grace of God through Christ. I grieve with all who love the Lord and Dottie. I pray for those injured. The song writers help us all worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. Thank you Lord for the life of Dottie Rambo.

Jeff W. Smith

64. Jamie Brennan - May 13, 2008

It saddens me to see another great Southern Gospel artist leave. We have lost so many in the last few years. I am thankful that my parents introduced me to this wonderful music several years ago. Dottie was one of their favorites. Both of my parents passed away in 2005. I imagine that both of them are talking to her in person now. I hope that my dad is not talking her ear off. God bless her family and I pray that they know they are in the prayers of many.

65. Muriel Curtright - May 13, 2008

To all the family you are in my thoughts and prayers

66. Lu Patterson-Sisco - May 13, 2008

I was fortunate enough to see Dottie here in Cedar Rapids Iowa at a local church. Several members of her family in CR attend my husband’s church. We weren’t able to stick around after her concert and prayer service to meet her in person. I always thought there would be a “next time”. I joined Dottie’s Dearest to get updates on where she would be appearing, hoping to see and hear her again. I do remember the powerful spirit she brought to that church during her healing prayer service. I have never seen anything like it!!! Absolutely awesome how Jesus worked through her. My sympathies to her family here and elsewhere in the U.S. She was a dear person and I know that she is now in perfect health and singing with Vestal and the Goodmans, Jake Hess and the rest of the Statesmen, members of the Stamps, the Blackwoods, the Cathedrals, etc. What wonderful glorious singing is going on up there for our Lord!

67. Tracey O'neill - May 13, 2008

My mother Dottie;
When I was 7yrsold my parents played your records all the time and me and my sisters would sing them as a duet at our church,all of your songs brought me through school,divorce, and much more. My favorite song was “The Rose” I cry everytime I hear that, and every time I went through a battle that song always brought me back to Jesus’s feet. I will miss you dearly and your dedication and songs will always be a memory of what God gave'” An angel of Songs” I never met you but in this big family of God you truly were my spiritual mom.
Love in Christ
Tracey Oneill

68. Bruce A. McGuire - May 13, 2008


What an amazing Lady Dottie Rambo was!

There are no words to describe the sadness I share with so many others that she is now gone from us, but Thank God we had her! No one in ANY field of music could put a song together, or touch more people with just one song than Dottie Rambo. Words and music as meaningful and beautiful as hers are a gift from God through people’s souls and Dottie must have been his main vessel.

I grew up in Southern Gospel Music traveling with the Sego Brothers and Naomi and was privileged to work many shows with Dottie and “The Rambos”. Dottie wrote the Gospel the way it’s supposed to be. So incredibly encouraging and inspiring, never condescending, judgmental, or exclusionary. Her words and music literally saved my life more than one time, as I’m sure they did many others. “This Is My Valley”, “Too Much To Gain To Lose”, “In the Valley He Restoreth My Soul”, “Sheltered In the Arms of God” and so many others have and always will be a part of my life and my strength when I feel I can’t take another step. Dottie had a way of climbing back up from the bottom and through her songs showed others they not only could, but they MUST!

I can’t help but be overwhelmed with sadness to know she is gone, but I rejoice in the knowledge that her trials are now over and SHE is safely “Sheltered In the Arms of God”. Also that He gave us such a wonderful Lady with an amazing voice that surely touched more people in 74 years than any other human being that ever walked this Earth.

Earth’s devastating loss is Heaven’s gain.

“This house of flesh is but a prison
Bars of bone hold my soul
But the doors of clay are gonna burst wide open!
When the Angels set my spirit free!
I’ll take my flight like the mighty eagle
When the Hills of Home start calling me…”

Bruce A. McGuire

69. Rev William McCrea - May 13, 2008

Rev William McCrea, Daybreak Recordings wishes to express his sincere sympathy at the sudden homecoming of Dottie Rambo.

I will be praying for the family circle at this time.

70. Rev.Lonnie A.Wadsworth - May 13, 2008

I remember Buck,Dottie & Reba coming to Word of Faith Christian Center in New Orleans,La. on several occasions. They had a way of touching people’s heart-strings with their singing. I especially remember the time when my former wife & I had lost twins at birth. Dottie,with tears in her eyes,told everyone at the church that night that our twins were rejoicing in heaven around the throne room of God. There wasn’t a dry eye in the congregation that evening!

71. Sue L, Concord, NC - May 13, 2008

71. Such an inspiration was this petite woman. God gives us blessings in small portions sometimes so we can enjoy them in big measure. Oh, how heaven must be sounding now with Dottie, Vestal Goodman, Jake Hess, Glenn & George of the Cathedrals, J D Summner, Danny Gather and on and on. What wonderful singers HE provided for our entertainment that also ministered to our soul. We will miss her tremendously.

72. ilene - May 13, 2008

I first heard Dottie and Buck and Shirley Blevins sing back in the 60’s when they were at our church a couple of times. What a voice and what a talent for writing such beautiful songs. Strange, but Sunday night the Pastor asked me to sing Go To The Rock at the end of service…I have sung that song ever since it came out. I did not know that Dottie had been killed that morning. Condolences to the family and friends.

73. Charolette - May 13, 2008

I’ve been listening to and loving Dottie Rambo’s music for so many years. At first I was stunned beyond words when I read the news. And it still brings tears to my eyes knowing we have lost yet another “GREAT” on earth. Heaven has gained one more of our Wonderful Southern Gospel Greats in the Heavenly Choir. Personally I can’t wait to get there and listen to them as I listened to them here on earth for years. Dottie, you are loved and will be missed until we meet again. To Dottie’s family, my heart-felt prayers go out to you.

74. Rose Hampton - May 13, 2008

So many songs with so much meaning were written by Dottie. She has left a legacy of them. I had “Sheltered in the arms of God” played at my mother’s funeral. It meant so much to heard those words at that time. I thank God He gave Dottie to all of us. May she rest in peace.

75. Pat Easterday - May 13, 2008

I was shocked and disheartened to hear of the passing of Dottie Rambo. I would see her on Trinity Broadcasting Network and she was still beautiful and vivacious at her age. I admired her zeal for God and his love toward us through Jesus Christ and no matter what her age or physical condition, she was still in God’s service. Two of my favorite gospel songs that Dottie wrote are “He looked beyond my fault and saw my need” and “Sheltered in the Arms of God”. Although I get tearful as I think of her today, I know she is happy and blessed to be Sheltered in the Arms of God and in His glorious presence! My prayers go out to her family and loved ones. I will also pray for the others that were with her and are in need of healing.

76. Jan A. Cox - May 13, 2008

Dottie was just here in our Urbana in March for a down home performance,so imagine our shock when I read on the front page of our paper today. I had the opportunity of meeting Reba and Donnie yesrs ago and our hearts are with all of them and our prayers of strength and hope. FOR SURELY WE WILL MISS YOUR BEAUTIFUL PRESENCE AND ANOINTED SONGS, WE SHALL BEHOLD HIM IS NO LONGER PAST TENSE FOR YOU…… UNTIL WE MEET IN HEAVEN AND TRUELY GLORY IN THE CROSS……..

77. Terry M. - May 13, 2008

My mother-in-law had just heard Dotti in Illinois where Dottie sang before heading to Texas. I am 54 and I use to listent the singing Rambos so much, i loved to hear Dottie, her songs are such a blessing to me. I know that Dottie is “Teaching Angels how to sing”, and she is “Sheltered in the Arms of God”.
My sympathy goes to Reba and the family. Dottie will be missed, but know we will see her agin, cause “Jesus is coming Soon”, she is preparing for us now.
God bless.

78. Kevin Woodson - May 13, 2008

We just watched the show Fame and Faith on Gospel Music channel on Dottie and relived her life and we were hearing how excited who was about life and the fact that The Lord Lives. You could just see through everyhthing she did and said and in every Song she wrote and sang what the Lord Jesus meant to here. My favorite is “If that isn’t Love” But, one song she wrote was called “Sheltered In The Arms Of God”. Well my sweet, sweet lady, you are now In the Arms on the Lord Jesus Christ.

79. Martha Hatley - May 13, 2008

I didn’t know Dottie personally but I knew her music and I loved every thing she did. NOW SHE IS SHELTERED IN THE ARMS OF GOD MAY THE lORD GIVE YOU PEACE IN THE COMING DAYS.

80. Peg Seubert - May 13, 2008

When God calls it matters not where you are. I know Dottie is now sheltered in Gods arms but it still hurts that she is gone! My prayers for her family and those hospitaized, may God send angels until each one of them are healed in spirit and body. Dottie’s music will forever live on as her spirit touched so many lives singing her heart out to the Lord. I’m sure she is singing right now in heaven!

81. Tracy Wells - May 13, 2008

The little Holiness Woman who sang about the ” Rock ” now stands on it, tyhe song Tears Will Never Stain The Streets of that City she now has entered, for us here we are now flooded with tears. Our Father never makes a mistake and oh what JOY she now can see and feel, the years of living a life of holiness before God she can now truly see the city, and feel the shelter of his arms. What a Honor to have been able to hear her sing, see her in concert, play her music on my station WJTG Joy 91.3 – Dottie, I never said thank you for the Song too much to gain to loose but thank you it changed my life.

i’ve crossed the hot burning dessert
I was struggling the right road to choose
But somewhere up ahead there’s cool clear water
And defeat is one word i’ll never use.

Unitl We Meet Again!

82. Javier R.I. van der Biezen - May 14, 2008

I’ve been born again for only 4 years and I live on the island of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles (Caribbean). What a loss for us here on this earth. How ever there must be some party in heaven going on right now. We thank God for her….. And we send our prayers to God for all the brothers and sisters involved in the accident.

People I believe, that we will be singing one of her songs when Jesus comes back for us.

May all the Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Ms Rambo…. We love you and you will be missed but in the name of Jesus we will meet again.

83. Jody Catanzaro - May 14, 2008

Our hearts grieve here on earth with the loss of such a servant of God who followed HIS leading throughout her entire life. We go on with your songs on our lips, with the praises you wrote, to glorify a God you loved and served.
May the Lord encourage and uplift those dear family and friends who were closest to you (I am praying especially for Dolly Parton to carry on your legacy).
You were deeply loved and admired. Can we even fathom your JOY in Heaven? I shall meet you one day and join with you in praise to the ONE who deserves it all.

84. Kenneth Bustin - May 14, 2008

My heart goes out to the loved ones, friends and family Dottie has left behind. Her music and ministry has been a part of my life through childhood and an inspiration to me throughout my adult life. I have been playing piano since the age of three (3), and have performed many of her songs in my church as piano solos. I believe my two favorites are “We Shall Behold Him”, and “He Sees Me Through The Blood”. You will be missed greatly, Dottie. Until the day we all meet around God’s Throne, we, your fans and friends will keep pressing on to that Glorious day when we too will see God face to face. We love you Dottie.

85. Dayle Allen Shockley - May 14, 2008

I’m deeply saddened by the death of Dottie Rambo. I first became acquainted with Dottie in the early 60’s. My parents and big sister sang together in a trio and performed with the Gospel Echoes on one or two occasions. I was just a little girl but, how well I remember the impact Dottie had on me. I wanted to be just like her–she was stunningly beautiful. I wanted to sing like her (she had the voice of an angel), play the guitar like her, smile like her, wear my hair like her. I wanted to BE Dottie Rambo. I idolized her.

As I grew into a teenager, Dottie remained my favorite singer. My twin sister and I formed our own trio with our big sister during these years, and we sang so many Dottie Rambo songs. My favorite may well have been, “One More River.” I had the lead on that one and always hoped I sounded a little like Dottie. I didn’t, of course, but I hoped I did anyway.

As an adult, my admiration and respect for Dottie only grew. I became aware of some of the personal and physical struggles she endured, and her ability to keep going never ceased to amaze me. She never gave up. She never quit. And above all, she never neglected the gift that God had given her. Through every storm, she seemed to rise stronger each time. She was one amazing woman.

The songs Dottie penned are some of the greatest gospel songs ever written, period! What an incredible talent and gift she possessed. Her love for the Lord was obvious in all of her songs, her longing for heaven apparent. The world has lost an incredible lady. I mourn her death, but it’s comforting to know that she died doing what she loved to do.

May God bless and comfort those closest to her, and may God strengthen those who were injured during this tragic accident. My prayers are with you all.

86. T. Gray - May 14, 2008

May God bless the family of Ms. Rambo. I pray that God will see you through this difficult time. God will never leave us nor forsake us. I know and believe that God is their to comfort each and every individual that has been hit by this sudden traged.May the peace of God be with every individual that was in this accident….God Bless you all

Ms. Rambo (a legend) will be missed……

87. Paula Dean - May 14, 2008

To Reba and family,
The first time i saw your mama was in Fort Smith,Arkansas in 1973 at a concert and i was hooked on her gospel singing and have heard her every since then and the family. she will truly be missed here on this earth. my heart goes out to you i lost my mom 2 years ago. will be praying for you and your family she will be hard to replace but she will be in our hearts forever and we will see her again soon. Keep on singing reba
Love to you and prayers,
Paula Dean Roland,Oklahoma

88. Valerie Skiles - May 14, 2008

This dear woman gave me encouragement to keep pressing on when nothing else could help. The depth within her music tapped into the richest of oil, for the Balm of Gilead was then poured upon my wounded soul. The impact on me was magnified by the suffering she was personally going through, and a strange beauty and fragrance from her music was released within me because of this; I knew that if she could praise our Lord in these painful times, I could also.

My joy unspeakable and full of Glory for Dottie… is that she is now Home FREE ~ In her physical death her music is even more explosive, and the Lord knew this. How we need a touch from Him in a way that penetrates deeper than any thing in the natural can manifest. Until that day when, like dear Dottie, “We Shall Behold Him.”

89. Loretta Layne - May 14, 2008

I don’t even know where to begin…..Dottie Rambo was the “Best” songwriter of gospel music ever!! My brother & I have sang her songs in church for a long time & will continue… i pray for Reba & her whole family[ most of all] then for soooooooooooooo many friends she has!!!!Heaven’s gain is our loss!!!I had seen a recent tbn interview of Dottie & oh how she was praising our Lord & Savior & telling that with every song she had written, there was always a story behind that song!She has preached her own funeral…. what a great lady she was!!!!!!!!She will be missed so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just loved her!!!!What a blessing she has been to so many of us!!!!!!!

90. willie - May 14, 2008

I’ll never forget Ms Dottie,the songs she sang and wrote.
I’ve listened to the songs she wrote sence I was born in 1960,
watch her on tv and hoped on day to see her.I got that chance
May 10 when she came to our church. What a blessing and testamony
she gave and shone not just when she was here but wereever she went.I’ll never forget her songs nor how she made us laugh. I belive
she got that mansion next door to JESUS and forever sheltered in the arms of GOD. Ms Dottie will always be remembered when the songs she wrote are sung and heard untill Jesus comes for the rest of us.

91. Wesley G. Vaughn - May 14, 2008

I’m sure that Jesus was there to take her hand and lead her on, as in this song:

Hand-in-Hand with My Redeemer

I will walk hand-in-hand with my Redeemer,
Through the Winter of Death into unending Summer;
From this world I’ll fly away
To the land of endless day,
When I walk hand-in-hand with my Redeemer.

As I journey down the long road of life,
With its joys and its sorrows,
With its trouble and strife,
I have a friend walking by my side;
Who knows the road I travel, and He is my guide.

At the end, His nail-scarred hand will reach for mine
To take me across to His homeland divine;
And so I will not fear the chill of death’s icy door,
For the guide who is by my side has been this way before.

So I will walk hand-in-hand with my Redeemer,
Through the Winter of Death into unending Summer;
From this world I’ll fly away
To the land of endless day,
When I walk hand-in-hand with my Redeemer.

(c) 2007, Wesley G. Vaughn

92. Darlene Barber-Leen - May 14, 2008

I don’t know what to say. I was eleven yrs old the first time I got to hear Dottie, Buck and Reba in person at Music Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio. She made such an impact on my life. I have always loved to sing Gospel music and Southern Gospel is my favorite. But Dottie’s songs and her life made a real impact on mine. I was in a Gospel group at the time and they use to call me little Dottie. She was God gifted and blessed with his annointing ever so much!!! I enjoyed the broadcast of her tribute. I cried on and on. I loved her so and I loved watching Reba. I now have a daughter grown and when she was a little girl she would sing in church with me. We have not had the opportunities to sing together much over the years but for the Mother’s day we were in church together and were able to sing together again. It was such a blessing ! It made my Mother’s day just perfect! But little did I know that the legendary Dottie Rambo had fallen asleep in the arms of God on that bus that night. And I truly believe that she was “Sheltered In the Arms of God” . I don’t believe she felt a pain. I really don’t. And I know one thing for sure! That there is truly shouting on the hills of glory today. I can just invision her now I believe she is singing and praising the Lord !!!!! Oh my, What a Lady! I never had the privilege to meet her in person, that is to talk with her but Oh, someday I will. Maybe, someday I’ll get to meet Reba but what a legacy she leaves behind, That of her music , her voice, her love, her walk with God. What a beautiful Christian! Heaven is richer today for they have gained a true jewel ! I love Dottie Rambo and I am so glad that at the age of 11 I was introduced to her music. Thank you Dottie! And Thank you God!!

Love and Prayers to your family and friends,

Darlene Barber-Leen of Cincinnati, Ohio

93. Penny Hazel...Hartselle, AL - May 15, 2008

93) Penny in Alabama May 14,2008

What a Lady Ms. Dottie was. I have been around gospel music all my life. My dad has sung gospel music all over this country and we have had the opportunity to meet alot of gospel singers. After a while you can tell the singers that are singing for the right reasons and the ones that are out just to be seen….Well Ms Dottie Rambo was one that was singing for the “Glory of God”. She is going to be missed but what a time she is having up in Heaven now. Keep on singing Dottie!!!

94. Cindy Cline Fountain Hills AZ - May 15, 2008

Tonight I finally got around to reading the Monday newspaper and was stunned to hear about Dottie. She has been a great blessing in my life. When a close friend of mine was dying of cancer I had Dotties music playing 24/7 by her bed side. I will never forget that the song playing as Sandy breathed her last breath in this life was Shelterd In His Arms. —Authentic is the buzz word today both in the secular and Christian circles, it’s what everyone seems to want to aspire to be., well Dolly achieved it. She truly was the ”real deal”. Thank you Lord for her. Comfort her family and friends

95. Cindy Skipper - May 15, 2008

Oh how she will be missed!!!!!.Such a beautiful person inside and outside. She was my idol when I was a teenager. My parents were pastors and we went to every concert in Jackson, MS…My favorite memory is a concert in which the Goodmans and Rambos performed. When Dottie and Vestal sang, “The Holy Hills of Heaven Call me”” you could just feel the sweet annointing of Jesus all around the place. They worshipped the Lord onstage and many in the audience were crying and recieving the biggest blessing. Now we have 2 of our greatest female gospel singers in heaven. What a wonderful place to aspire to go to. Not only will we first see the One who died for us but what a heavenly choir. Sympathies from the heart go to all involved in the accident. Sing on….Ms Dottie…..you will always be remembered!!!!

96. Pastor Jimmy Dean - May 15, 2008

Sister Dottie was just at my church in March. As she sang and ministered that night to around 120 folks I began to cry uncontrolably as the Spirit of God moved so powerfully. Sister Dottie had a special annointing on her to have such an awsome impact on so many lives for so many years. She blessed and encouraged my wife and I after the concert which was a very special time for us. She will be greatly missed. Our love and prayers go out to Sister Dottie’s family and friends, Larry and his wonderful family, Ronnie and Chris.

97. Robert & Kristina Weisensee - May 15, 2008

My heart goes out to Reba & Dony during this time. Dottie is amazing woman of God and I know that she is looking down right now watching over you. Your family is a great inspiration to my family & me. She is up there with our Lord enjoying all her rewards of her christian doings. I was saddened by the news of this but I know that she is in heaven and she has been Welcomed in by our Lord. My Husband and I attended a concert for Reba & Dony at Conerstone Church in Springfeild, Mo. After listening to you both sing we listened to Dottie and She just had such a power over her and her music. She will be greatly missed and I know that she is proud to have a family like Reba & Dony and their children. My prayers are with you during this time and I know the Lord will give you peace during this time. God Bless you and your Family.

98. Marilyn - May 15, 2008

I am so saddened to hear of Dottie’s tragic death. As a teenager, I saw the Rambo’s in many concerts. I will treasure the photos I took of Dottie and her family. Her music was so Holy Spirit Breathed. I can hear her as she now is walking those Streets of Gold and singing with the Angels. May the Lord strengthen Reba and the rest of the family with His Comfort and Peace during this difficult time. They are all in my prayers.

99. Elizabeth-NC - May 15, 2008

Yes, Dottie was truely annointed. Although I never personnally met my sister-in-christ; my heart was broken when I heard the news late Sunday night. Just before turning off my light in my bedroom I heard from my mother’s room; her tv. The announcement cut deep into my being. I coudn’t believe my ears; yet, I knew in my spirit what I’s hearing. I said, “No, everything Dottie has been through ; she should have went on to glory in her sleep; not in an accident, not like this.
I cried myself to sleep that night. I kept tellig myself reports have been published before, i hadn’t seem them. Dottie herself has told of when she’s battling for her life on several occassions the enemy had caused newspapers to run stories that she had died. So, I was in denial. Really, I prayered Dear Havenly Father Touch everyone who was in the bus with her and Dottie also if there is the slightst chance of her pulling through.Then GOD”S peace came around me and said, “Dottie is at peace with me now.” I replied,”Thank you, dear Heavenly Father for letting me know without a dout she has gone on to heaven with you.” With His assurance that her fight and battle here on earth was over I then went on to sleep.
Now, to have the privilage to click onto my computer and read that she was in fact, asleep when the accident occurred i know now that as I read in another email “when she opened her eyes, she saw God’s face” and heard Him say, “welcome home, my child you’ve ran the good race and was faithful and true.” “Come and rest now”.
My spirit was always in sync with Dottie’s. She truely has touched every heart of every person who ever heard her sing.
My prayers continue to flow for those who were on board with her as they each recover from their injuries, their families and Dottie’s family. I turned my tv on & begin clicking through the christian channels and caught the few minutes of a special program Paul and Jan had broadcast on thier program. It was when she recieved the 1984 Dove award. I think that’s what it was referred as. Anyway I do remember 1984 on the see thruogh crstal clear awrd that was presented to her that night.
I heard her daughter, son-in-law & their two children sing and preform. Dottie Rambo’s chior sung backup for them.
Assoon as I relized what I was watching i called to my mother to turn it on “260” that’s were I recieve Paul&Jan via DISH.
I just wished I come across it earlier. I’d enjoyed seeing it from the very beginning of the program.
One last though we need to remember, “We haven’t lost Dottie, she has won the race. Now, it’s her turn to rest in His Arms.” Now, it’s up to us to catch-up with her. Continue to be obediant to our Heavenly Father. Ask Him on a daily basis to keep us on the path He has for each of us. So, when He calls us “home” we have loved ones who will desire to fight the fight of righousness for His sake.”

100. Peggy Kloth - May 15, 2008

Bonnie Peg and Vonetta Bloomer (from Washington State)

We loved Dottie so very much and will miss her. She has been such a wonderful blessing to us all.
Our prayers are with you.
God Bless you all.

101. Pastor Richard E. Kuhns - May 15, 2008

Dottie and Bucky Rambo held a revival in our church in Washington P.A. in the late 50’s. That was the first time I met her. My wife gave her a poodle which they loved.
The second time I met Dottie was at Pastor G.D.Peters church where she ministered and sang in Kingsport Tenn.
The third time I met her she held a singing at Bro. Billy McCools in Knoxville Tenn. She was already famous for her writting and singing but what really impressed me (blew my mind) She could play the guitar as good as anyone I’v ever heard. (including the likes of Ched Atkins)
Being a guitar player myself I know how gifted she was.I often spoke of her God given Talents to others. She has always been a part of our christian home. She is missed but we will see her again.

102. Michael W. Horner - May 16, 2008

Michael W. Horner – May 15, 2008
I was first introduced to Dottie Rambo by my cousin Shirley Beecham back in the sixties. Shirley and Dottie had been friends since the days of the “Gospel Echo’s”. I myself had recently began playing and singing gospel music and Dottie’s songs began to take over in my life. I was 18 then and I am now 58 and through the years without a doubt I have and still do sing more of her songs than any other artist. Some of my fondest memories were being at the old “Ellis Auditorium” in Memphis where at one time Gov. Jimmie Davis had come to hear the Rambo’s and I was introduced to him. Another time Jerry Lee Lewis showed up and soon after recorded an album with some of Dottie’s songs on it. Still another time Elvis showed up there. I had and still have every album that the Rambo’s and her have put out, which I am converting to CD’s. You really never know the impact a person has on your life until they are not here any longer, so true is is in my lifetime with Dottie, “What a impact”. Thank you Dottie for your unwavering Christian Holy Spirit inspired life and works! You Are So very missed. Dottie, you now are certainly, “Sheltered Safe Within the Arms of God”!!!

Michael Horner

103. michelle - May 16, 2008

How sad I was to hear of Dottie’s death. I was doubly stunned to learn it was right here in my own state. Dottie was a blessing and she will live on in the glorious songs she wrote and sang. Heaven has gained a treasure and earth has lost a jewel. God bless all those injured as well and heal them. If we are faithful, we will see Dottie in Heaven some day.

104. Della Prater - May 16, 2008

My heart is saddened because of Dottie Rambo’s absence in the earth. How she will be missed by all who loved her. I have prayed for her for years, and now I am praying for her precious family whom she loved so much. We will keep singing her songs, and she will live on in our memories. Family, remember she never waivered in her faith. As best as you can, remember also all she ever said to you that might help you at this time. I can not remeber a time that she failed to say an uplifting word to me whenever I saw her on television. She was so real…always lifting up the name of Jesus…always encouraging people. She was truly a BLESSING in the earth.

105. R. Aiken(Kentucky) - May 16, 2008

I started singing Gospel Music at age 12, and Dottie’s music was a BIG impact on me, during those days. I finally had the chance to meet her in November at Renfro Valley Entertainment Center. I work for Renfro and had went backstage to see Loretta Lynn, and surprised to see and meet Dottie. She had stopped by to see Loretta and while there, Fell and sprained her ankle. Loretta sat a chair out on stage and made Dottie sit there during her concert. I am glad that I had the chance to meet her. She will be greatly Missed, But is singing for the Lord now!!!!

106. Martin Adu - May 16, 2008

I am shocked at this passing but the bible encourages us to see it as sleeping in the Lord. My encounters with Dottie have been in her songs. 2 of which I have personally recorded on my albums. “He looked beyond my fault” and “We shall behold Him”. They mean so much, and I know she is beholding His face now..Amen

107. Wanda Murray, Mt. Olivet, KY - May 16, 2008

I had the honor of seeing/hearing Dottie in concert in KY just about 1 month ago. I wanted to surprise my husband and planned our journey to see this gospel-writing legend. My husband was honored when she recognized him as the only veteran there who had served in Viet Nam. She asked my husband, Al Murray, to come up and join her. It was magic between the two of them from then on. Their testimony was touching and humorous. My husband has pictures to remember this precious monent with this talented Christian taken by two lovely, loyal freinds of Dottie’s and we “thank you”. I thank God for Dottie and now she is with Him and our Savior. Dottie is an inspiration to all of us who enjoy singing, as I do also and sing a few of her songs in my min-concerts.

I truly pray that all the others involved in the accident are recovering successfully at this time. Dottie loved all of you so much and that was obvious as I observed her tender words of affection towards you at the concert. What a blessing to be so close to this precious soul!

108. Michelle H. Flag Pond TN - May 16, 2008

My heart aches at the news of Miss Dottie’s death. But she is alive and well in the arms of God. There has never been a greater Lady for Christ. I grew up singing her songs in church with my mother and grandmother but didn’t have the honor of meeting her until fall of 2006 at Dollywood. When she sang “Sheltered In The Arms Of God” I could feel His arms around me. She was healing from a broken leg, but was so amazing. I never knew until July of 2008 just how much her performance had affected me. We lost our home to a fire, but God just kept bringing back to my mind Miss Dottie singing “Sheltered In The Arms Of God”. That song and the way she sang it got me thru some of the hardest times in my life. I didn’t get to thank her in person down here, but I will have the chance when I meet her in Heaven.
My prayers are with you all. I pray that God will shelter you in His arms and comfort you until we get see Miss Dottie again. Love in Christ!

109. Mary Ann Hitchcock - May 16, 2008

What a great loss to the Gospel world. I loved Dottie’s songs. ” A light in the Window and Take it to the Lord and leave it there. I plan to meet her in heaven some day. Rest on faithful soldier you will be sorely missed but remembered with great love.
Mary Ann Hitchcock

110. Robin Stites - May 16, 2008

Dottie Rambo got her “Mansion Next Door to Jesus” 5/11/2008. “The Holy Hills of Heaven” has called her and “Since He Loved her to Death” because she was “Just One of a Kind”. She is now “Sheltered Safe in the Arms of God” where “Tears Will Never Stain the Streets of That City”.

She is “0n the Sunny Banks” where she shall “Behold the Lamb” and “Stand Still and See His Glory”.

She will join the “Jubilee Band” and “Teach the Angels How to Sing”.

We all know that “Heaven Will Never Welcome a Sweeter Mamma”.

“Thank You Sweet Lord” for our “Unchanging Friend”.

I can not wait, “When All Goes Well” and “When We Shall Gather” and “Travel the Same Road” as Dottie and “You Reach Out Your Hand” to take us home and we can “Stand By The River” where “We Shall Behold Him”!

That will be “The End of the Story”

111. Martha - May 18, 2008

Dottie wrote alot of songs about Heaven. I know she is thrilled to be there and I pray that the Lord will comfort her family.

112. Louise Shelton - May 18, 2008

I met Dottie and the Rambo trio in Union City Tn. where my sister and her husband also ministred. It was in a radio station. She was so anointed and a comfort to me and my entire family as we too, have faced such trials in life. It is when you go thru the trials that you appreciate the anointing and presence of God. I have grieved all week because Dottie was one of a kind. I can see her and Vestal singing together now in Glory. It won’t be long until we can join Dottie and never have to part again. She will surely be missed and no one can fill her place..Dottie gave comfort to my sister when she went thru the same trial that she did. We all miss her but know she has been promoted to such glory and wouldn’t call her back because now she is free from pain and now is sheltered in His arms

113. jimmys7heaven - May 18, 2008

In memory of DOTTIE RAMBO:
Thisis for you DOTTIE RAMBO:

I am going with Jesus;
All the way to the top of my years,
All the reason of my tears,
Of my sorrow: I will never say good-bye.

Through the years of my sorrow cry,
Now I am free fly;
Into the sky;
Into the sky’s I will fly.

Never to say bye-bye;
You have my soul in your hands,
Do what you will;
I am free to fly.

So I will fly away;
With you Jesus,
With you Jesus; The birds and I,
Will fly away with you;

High into the sky,
Yeah we are flying free;
flying to see you my dear lord Jesus;
We are reserved let us pray;
we are flying free.

by: James J. Aldridge

114. Helen N. - May 18, 2008

Oh my! Dottie is teaching those Angels how to sing now!! What a sight it must have been as she crossed over and walked through those pearly gates!!! There to greet her – our Lord Jesus, then Vestel and Howard Goodman, Jake Hess, Danny Gaither, JD Sumner, James Blackwood and so many more!!! What a reunion!! My thoughts and prayers go out to Reba and her family, as well as with those involved in the tragic accident! Our God is faithful and He is still in the miracle healing business!!! Praise His name!!!

115. mike - May 19, 2008

what a loss

116. Sonia Gill - May 19, 2008

To Dottie Rambo’s Family and Scores of Friends.Also to Her TBN
Family and Friends.
We are all shocked at her passing but I know she is DANCING ON STREETS OF GOLD. SMILING AND PLAYING HER NEW INSTRUMENTS,
AND SINGING. We all will miss her but SHE IS VERY HAPPY. God bless us all as we mourn. RAMBO FAMILY please be strong in the LORD.

117. Shirleyanne Trudell-Harper - May 20, 2008

To the many family and friends of Dottie Rambo ,
I could never turn the channels when I would hear or see Dottie on television. I was so touched by her music. I only wish I could have met her. I loved her and her music and find it so uplifting and so much power from the Holy Spirit in her songs. You will live on in my heart. Thanks Dottie for the beauty you gave us. Jan,and Paul thank you for giving her the air time so we could enjoy this beautiful Chistian woman. I am praying for all who was in the accident as well as their families.

118. Ronni- Oregon - May 20, 2008

What a great loss for the family of their beloved, Dottie, and a great rejoicing in Heaven with the saints! When I heard the sad news of Dottie, my mind suddenly went right to my dear husband that I lost suddenly a year ago. He loved the Lord and I can just hear him playing his guitar and singing with Dottie! It made me smile and know Heaven has welcomed another saint.

The world would be a better place if more ladies would have their lives shaped after one great Christian lady, like Dottie. We love you DOTTIE! Until we meet!

119. Sherri - Tusc. Alabama - May 20, 2008

I have just returned home from Nashville TN having attended the AWESOME Going Home CELEBRATION for Ms. Dottie. This was such an awe inspiring event. I have tried to imagine what Heaven must be like now with Ms. Dottie and Vestal singing in the Heavenly Choir. What an amazing sound! I can’t wait until that day comes that I will get to join them.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Dottie for the first time 9 years ago. It was the night of my life. I got to visit with Ms. Dottie 4 more times after that and ENJOYED every single one of them. Ms. Dottie always made you feel like you were the most important one even with 50 or so people waiting in line.

I will miss her and the opportunity to see and listen to Ms. Dottie sing live on stage. I was constantly looking for all of the Alabama dates or anything close by.


120. Anita Brinkley - May 20, 2008

Surely, Dottie Rambo was the greatest gospel singer/song writer of all time. I love to tell the story of when I was a little girl attending church in West Nashville, The Rambo’s sang at our church on many occassions. I remember, as a very little girl, as Dottie was singing, I looked up and a halo surrounded her head as she was singing. I looked up at my Mom and said there was a light shining around her head and it has been forever etched in my memory. She is a great lady!

121. Cindy Enriquez - May 20, 2008

I remember the first time I put the song with the writer, what an amazing women! I believe the songs were Holy Spirit inspired.
We will all miss her greatly, and look forward to hearing her sing on the other side.
Our prayers of peace and comfort are with all the families.

122. Mark Kelly Hall - May 20, 2008

Definitely our (temporary) loss and heaven’s (eternal) gain. I’m sure Dottie would like to see some smiles among her fans, especially now; this might help:


123. Pam Rice - May 20, 2008

I knew Dottie, not so much for her music, although that was an inspired gift from her precious Lord and Savior, but for the depth of her heart as a woman and mother. Dottie was a real, vibrant, fun loving , bigger than life and dedicated woman of God. She was a fighter, that in spite of the pain, never stopped believing, giving or loving. Her life was an inspiration in every way. Her songs were a reflection of the deepest part of her soul and spirit. Her faith and love for Jesus carried her through a life that was fully lived for the glory of God. She always had a radiant smile and word of loving encouragement for all those around her. She was a women after God’s own heart. Now she is home with the one she loved most and our memories will give us comfort until we meet again. She will always be with us through her music and in our hearts.
Reba and Donny, I love you! Always know that you are a part of my life and heart. I cherish the times we shared and what God did in them. You and your family are in my prayers. I know God will comfort you with His love and give your courage for tomorrow.

124. Sandy Blakley - May 20, 2008

I will miss her greatly!

She always brought great encouragement to my life through her songs and testimony.

125. Cece Parsley - May 21, 2008

As a young teenager, I learned of Dottie Rambo songs. They inspired me, blessed me and always brought me to a closer walk. I used to sind country but it was Dottie Rambo’s songs that convicted me that I wanted to sing for our Lord.
I often said, “some day I will meet Dottie Rambo and tell her how much I love her and how much her music has meant in my life.”
In 1989 I lost my Dad and 5 family members in a plane crash and it was Dottie Rambo’s songs that brought me so much comfort.
She was an angle sent to bless us and bring us much joy and comfort.
God said, Mission accomplished, Dottie, it’s time to come home.
Miss Dottie, in heaven I will get to hug your neck and tell you I love you. It is not good-bye, sweet lady, it is just see you later! 🙂

126. Gena - May 21, 2008

I hope someone will either write a biography or film a movie based on Dottie’s life starting when she was a young girl writing christian songs, because her life is a testimony people need to hear.

127. Gena - May 21, 2008

I hope someone will either write a biography or film a movie based on Dottie’s life starting when she was a young girl writing christian songs, because her life is a testimony people need to hear.

128. Phyllis - May 21, 2008

My husband and I were newlywed evangelists in the early 70’s when we learned to love the Rambos. Every time they were in concert anywhere near, we drove to see and hear them. When we opened a Christian book store, we went to one of their events and asked them to tape record a few little radio “spots” to play on the radio for our store, they graciously consented, and we still have that little cassette tape with those spontaneous statements. We will treasure it always.

The first picture I had in my mind when I heard of Dottie’s death was of the heavenly choir stopping their singing, and one by one, standing up to applaud and give Dottie a standing “O” as she strolled into the Holy Hills of Heaven. God bless you, Dottie. I will see you again, but this earth is quieter and sadder for your absence.

129. Nancy Anderson New york Mills. MN. - May 22, 2008

I met Dottie through watching TBN. From that moment on I loved her and her misic. Having her in my life through TBN has created all beautiful, heart and soul stiring memories to treasure for the rest of my life. I hope and pray her Reba and family will be on TBN when they are up to it to fill us in on how their doing and to share any things the Lord has and is doing in the midst of Dotties homegoing. Prayers remain with Dotties family and all staff and family in the accident.

130. Roberta (Bobbie) Vaughn - May 22, 2008

Bobbie Vaughn Centralia IL.-May 22,2008

First I would like to say I have read many of the testimonies on this page. The tears just flowed. Truely the inspirations of Gods heart through Dottie Rambos’ heart in her lifes experiences have made tremendous impact on us all!! Dottie was and always will be a Genuine Reflection of Gods’ Love, Grace, Peace, Mercy, and all the Attributes of Our Heavenly Father.

I’m 39 and I lost my Mother to Lung Cancer May 7 th of 2006 and one of my Moms’ favorite songs was New Shoes.When I was younger she used to sing that and Momas Teaching Angels how to sing among many others. I could share a whole lot more but for now I’ll share my experience with Dottie. For years I have watched T.B.N. and at some of my lowest times in my life Dottie would be there ministering to my heart.She had a way of always giving the spirit of hope and joy to keep me perservering through my lifes journey.

I prayed a long time ago to the Lord I would Love to meet Dottie someday before she meets you face to face and show her how much I love her. God made my Dream a Reality In Branson Mo. in April 2008 at the Settle Inn Hotel The Best is Yet to Come gathering where she shared. I gave her a Love pin, and a dozen roses pin and she gave me a hug and signed my journal because I asked. I also got the opportunity to tell her she made one of my dreams reality,and I gave her a kiss on her left side of her cheek and told her I loved her. and took my picture with her.Although I had only a few personal moments with her they were precious and priceless.I am so blessed to have gotten the honor to meet her.Then a couple of days later I was in the Jim Bakker show studio audience and was blessed to hear her share again. I didn’t get personal contact this time but Both times she sang New Shoes which brought so much healing to me because of the loss of my Mother. We bought a chair in the chapel in rememberance of my Mom. I know there both wearin their shiny white robes with their new shoes Shoutin all down the streets of Glory.Leaving behind a Legacy of Courage to Keep the Faith and Run the Race till it’s time to come home taking as many as we can from Satans clutches. My prayers truely go out to all Family and Friends.She’ll be missed by us all but We’ll all see her again Soon and very Soon We Shall ALL BEHOLD HIM. All Things Are Possible with GOD.

Writing about this is giving me such Joy, Healing, and Strength right now.To stay strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might and keep on Praising an Worshipping the King of Kings till it’s my time to go home.

131. Jean from Cols, Oh - May 24, 2008

When I heard of Dottie’s homecoming, I sank down to the floor in my kitchen and my heart ached. I started thinking back to my childhood and how hard I had it. I was so confused trying to live a christian life as a teenager, having problems at home, at school and just not doing well. I tried to stay busy in services at our local church and all and got thru the teen years with the help of God, my grandmother (a very strong christian woman) and Dottie’s music. I was fortunate to attend my first southern gospel music concert and it was with the Rambo’s in 1971. Oh my gosh I bought one of each album they had and listened to them at home all the time. She was wonderful. Then I started thinking why am I aching so? She is up in heaven with other gospel legends who have been an important part of my life, George Younce, Glen Payne, Vestal Goodman. Dottie though– She’s the queen of gospel music!!!! Dottie’s music has been part of my christian life ever since that concert. When I’m down I pray and listen to her songs. And such a blessing she has been thru the years to me – to everyone. She’s got a new body, everything!!! I need to be celebrating not mourning!!! I am an RN in my 50’s now, disabled dut to back surgeries and last year purchased Dotties pack of 15 CD’s with her songs and listen to them (cause I can’t sit for church), so me & Dottie have church!!! I love that woman so much. I was able to attend George Younce’s funeral and wanted to attend hers, but now with my back, there was just no way. Hope the family does produce some type of video whether just on the web or whatever so all of us who love Dottie so, may get closure also. We do need to give the family privacy though and my family goes out to them. My father was electrocuted when I was 21. I prau for the family and loved ones several times a day. Take care everyone and may God bless. We all will meet up in Heaven!! I can’t wait!!!! Thanks so much for letting me write this. I feel so priviledged to have been able to know/meet such a wonderful woman.

132. Elaine Tullos Brown - May 24, 2008

As a child (I’m 50 now), the first songs I ever remember hearing were those by The Gospel Echos, then The Rambos, then Reba and anyone else who was a Rambo or part of the family. She may not have physically been in our home, but she was a resident, non the less.

Dottie may be physically gone, but she shall remain alive forever through the songs she wrote and sang. That should be a comfort to all of us who loved her.

133. Brenda Bolding - May 26, 2008

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Dottie Iam Roman Catholic but I am thankful that we all serve the same God I have been blessed beyond measure by her ministry and music I hope to meet her one day in heaven where one day we will be as Dotties song puts it we will be sheltered in the arms of God

134. Nancy Ann Hook - May 27, 2008

I am saddened, but i know she’s in Heaven with Jesus singing to him in person. I was born in Madisonville Ky. the same twon she was. I have followed her music most of my life. I even met her once, in Ky. she was so sweet to us. I had her records and sang with her all the time in my room. I started singing at churches when i was 10, when they started putting out the demo’s where you could sing her songs i got them and sang them in churches all over. I loved Dottie she was a special loving and full of God. She was the best at what she did. Even when things got tough for her she would keep going, she is a hero to me. I will miss you Dottie, and i will see you again someday, and maybe we can sing your songs together to Jesus.
Love to the family, May God be with you all…
Nancy Ann

135. Krista Miller - May 28, 2008

I heard the news of Dottie’s Homegoing the following morning and was so saddened but all of Heaven was truly rejoicing. I lost my beautiful and talented Mother on March 24, 2007 and all I could imagine was my Mother greeting Dottie at the gates of Heaven. My Mother loved Dottie Rambo so much, as well as, Vestal Goodman so I’m sure that in Heaven they have all become fast friends. I can just hear all of them singing. How amazing and beautiful the Heavenly choir is sounding today!

136. David S,\. Baker - May 31, 2008

I will Dottie Rambo I love her singing and So did my wife. I lost my wife in 2000. She was a great and a great christian. I miss her very must.Dottie was a great singer. When she sing I Could fill it. God was in it. Will I will Close For Now. God bess you all.
Bro David Baker

137. David Baker - May 31, 2008

I will miss Dottie Rambo I like her singing and so did my wife. Dottle Rambo was a great singer for the Lord and she had A great voce to.Now she can sing for Jesus. May God Bless you all. Keep The good work up may God bless you.

138. T. Denise Williams - NJ - June 4, 2008

Today I discovered the loss of a legendary angel on earth yet a gain in heaven, Ms. Dottie Rambo. May her life be a seed to many of us with lyrics still to be recorded and songs yet to be sung. May the earth continue to receive the fruits of her labor through her natural and spiritual family, music family, and many to be born … I will miss you and I had just begun to research you … what a jewel. Live on.

139. Barry Libengood - June 5, 2008

I grew up on the road traveling with the family in gospel music in the seventies and can’t express what an inspiration The Rambos had on our lives. We’d be traveling all night in the bus listening to their music and couldn’t help but try one or two out in the next concert. The were always a blessing to so many! I had the chance to say hi and thank you to Dottie in the back hall of one of their concerts. She was so gracious. Thank you Dottie for all you gave! We’ll see you soon!

140. Jimmy Gordon - June 9, 2008

Dotti was a friend of Elvis Presley, and before he died he recorded one of her gospel songs.
does anyone know how I can get a copy of it.
If anyone knows please contact me.

141. Melissa Upton - June 10, 2008

I was very sadened to hear of the passing of Dottie Rambo gospel music lost a very honest person and remarkable person one that touched that lives of many..Her songs will live on in the lives of the people that hear and sing them…Gospel music was Blessed to have such a talented and God gifted singer…Dottie will be forever missed…I’m sure that she is sheltered in the arms of God..but, although she is in Heaven we here below will foever miss her..
I pray for Larry and his family and all those that were involved in her ministry…
Blessings..and Prayer…Melissa. Indiana…

142. Ron Hostetler - June 10, 2008

Elvis recorded “If That Isn’t Love”, and it’s on his 2-disc set “He Touched Me”. Should be available through your local Christian bookstore.

143. DARRELL POLLEY - June 10, 2008

I had the opportunity to be in the presence of Dottie Rambo and Gerald Crabb at a songwriters seminar in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
about five years ago. Just a small group of aspiring writers in the fellowship hall of a little Methodist Church. What a joy that was. At one point, Dottie was reading a passage from one of her books, and was having trouble seeing the print. I was seated arm’s reach to her left, and she asked if she could borrow my reading glasses. I have those glasses today still, and what a treasured keepsake to me. I will miss Dottie here on earth, now that she’s “teaching angels how to sing” GODSPEED DOTTIE RAMBO….and your family and those injured in the crash that took your life.

144. LINDA WHITAKER - July 3, 2008







145. Pierre Houle - July 10, 2008

Dottie`s songs touch so many souls. Let us remember her and her family. GOD BLESS everyone….visit her group page on bebo.com

146. Donna Wallace - August 14, 2008

I am 42 years old and still in awe of Dottie Rambo. In the 1960s the Rambos traveled to Texico, NM to a United Pentecostal Church. My parents fell in love with her voice. My mother is an alto so Dottie’s songs were in a perfect range. I remember driving the 2 hours to Amarillo, TX to listen to the Rambos. I would always want to go with my mother at intermission to talk to Dottie because at that time, she recognized my mother, Danita Sudderth. She always gave me a great big hug and made me feel like I was remembered from each concert. My sisters sang her songs and recorded a record. I have heard so many talk about Dottie as a great poet…but you know, she wrote these songs under devine inspiration. Just like David in the Bibble who wrote beautiful psalms, Dottie’s words were praise songs in the good times and in the bad. Oh won’t that be a hallelujah meeting when we get to the other side? Another great song. Through her songs, it felt like we knew Dottie so well. Reba, I am sorry that people were so cruel to you in your difficult times in the 1970s. My sister, Sharon took great pride in hitting the high notes like Reba. The lady is a child 8 track is still a favorite. :o) It makes me sad that I didn’t take the time to write this down when Dottie could read this. She endured so many trialsl and tribulations for our listening pleasure. God bless the family you left behind. Donna Sudderth (Wallace)

147. Eliot - September 11, 2008

I’d like the lyrics of George Younce- CD- That says it all.

Thank you so much, if you can offer me a helping hand.

God bless you all.

148. Jill Calloway - March 12, 2009

When I am happy, I usually start singing a Dottie Rambo song and I celebrate. When I am sad… I sing a Dottie Rambo song and I am comforted. When I am lonely… “If that isn’t love” will be heard coming from my prayer closet and I know that Jesus is right there with me. The great gift of song writing accomplished its purpose in Dottie’s music and we are ever so much more blessed because of it. From one song writer to another “Thank you.” Dottie will be missed.

149. Shelly Blanchard - April 21, 2009

Hello this Shelly Blanchard. I new Dottie way back in the 60″s when they went to Light House Pentecostal church at Madisonville,Kentucky. They first started singing 1962. We had one of their first records. Unfortnately it destroyed in a house fire in 2006. It was cracked and a little scatched but it played. She was an evanglist. She preached around Coiltown, Ky. I bought a few of her records in the 1970’s. We all loved her. I am was born in 1953. It was very sad to hear how she died. She will always be remembered by the Blanchard family

150. John Rennie - May 11, 2009

John Rennie / Canada/ 2009
I was so shocked! to here that my dear dear christian sister Dottie had passed on to her glory with Jesus her belovided insperation.This lady saved my life so many times when I was so down trodden and hert and wanted to give up in death. Her Holy Spirit touched songs lifted me up over and over.and over from a death of suside.Her songs WILL LIVE FOREVER and touch each and every one of your hearts;thoses poeple as you know whom you are.fear not I will never leave you of forsake you ..belive it and live it out sinners and Christan brothers and sisters.living on a fence.

151. Shelly Blanchard - May 12, 2009

You know we loved Dottie very much. My dad talked a lot about her. They all grew up together atround Nebo Kentucky. She preached around Madisonville in the 60’s. They sang. I loved the song she sang” The good old have passed away, and I couldn’t call them back if tried.

152. Bob Salee - November 29, 2009

I can remember seeing Dottie, Buck and Reba performing in a High School Gymnasium. They had asked for request. I was up in the bleachers fairly far away. When they asked for request I shouted “Don’t Let Me Walk Too Far From Calvary” . I saw Dottie Glance up to us but Buck had started another happy song. The next time for request I shouted the same song. Again Dottie Looked up in the bleachers but Buck had started Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Dottie looked disturbed. Right in the middle of the song they were singing Dottie shouted out “Stop” ! ” I want to sing Don’t Let Me Walk To Far From Calvary” . And that is what they sang. That was Dottie’s Rambo’s Heart. It never Walked very far from Calvary. I loved her when I was young and I love her dearly still even though she is gone.

153. Shelly Blanchard - November 29, 2009

I remember her so well when I was a child back in the 1960’s. They started singing when we were at the Lighthouse on Weldon ave.Think it was around 1963. I was 10 years old. I loved to hear her sing the good ole days have passed away I couldn’t call em back if I tried. She wrote a lot of songs before she moved away. We bought several of her records.
She will never be forgotten.

154. Leila Lindsey - February 9, 2010

I have never been disappointed by any song I have every heard that Dottie Rambo wrote. They all make you listen to the words, which is a great accomplishment within itself.
There is a song that can’t be found anywhere. We can find the works but not music. That song is Exodus. Is this still recorded anywhere or is it possible to get this song. It is a song that needs to be brought back.!

155. SHAWN O'BANION - May 3, 2010


156. Shelly Blanchard - May 5, 2010

I am so glad that I could some of the older songs of Dottie. You know she may be gone from us physically be she is here with in spirit. People does not really leave us. She left behind a legacy that is so extravangant.
You know I wasn’t around Dottie after she moved away from Madisonville But I bought some of her records. She was just as heartfelt back then.

157. Cheryl - August 29, 2010

I first heard the Rambo’s sing when I was a child and would go to gospel singing with my Mother. I loved Dottie Rambo. I remember at the break during one of the singings, you know the time where the singers would be in their little stands selling the records, I was probably about eight or nine. Well, I told Mrs Rambo that I thought she had the prettiest hair. Of course she told me that I did too. LOL I still listen to her music today and it takes me back to such a wonderful and safe time in life. We were all blessed by her wonderful gift.

Shelly Blanchard - August 29, 2010

I have so many memories of Dottie I couldn’t tell them all. After I saw the bus how it look on video I was in awe. But you know Dottie was doing what she loved best. It not to be sad but a new beginning. I knew all them Vestal Goodman and the rest. We grew up around them. It is a good thing they have video tape. It like they never left.

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The family is the nucleus of civilization….

A modest man never talks of himself….

159. Gay - July 26, 2013

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160. Louis Cunningham - August 7, 2013

You are so cool! I do not believe I’ve read through something like this before. So great to discover another person with genuine thoughts on this topic. Seriously.. thank you for starting this up. This website is one thing that is needed on the web, someone with a little originality!

Shelly Blancard - August 10, 2013

Glad to comment.

161. Shelly Blancard - August 10, 2013

You know i was so sad when I heard about her death . She may not be with us like she once was but she left a legacy for us to remember her by . So she is not really in our hearts.

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